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About Me

Photography and writing are my favorite hobbies, so when I founded a catering company in 2009, I made a blog of our food making even though my job was to be a chef and secure events. Turns out, the blog was a great idea; it was like our own magazine that I got to edit, and we grew pretty quickly after that getting published in real magazines, many of which used my photos. It was pretty cool, these hobbies of mine.

In 2022, I sold my shares, and began consulting for other food companies, mainly in marketing and branding, but also in everything else catering related because as an entrepreneur, I wore all the hats. The hat that fits me best is the photography and writing, finding the story of a company and building emotion around it. I have learned that a customer will pay more and be loyal if they have an emotional connection to your brand. It is a relationship that you earn, and it is built through authentic branding.

Sometimes it is hard to talk about yourself and your company. Let me help you.

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